Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ill wait you for a thousand years, even more.

Assalamualaikum and a very good time to you guys.

Last night was a movie time on twillight saga, breaking dawn part 2. It just a sudden decision been make about am hour before the show. Me, wani, mimi and fiqa going together around 9.30 to qb. When we arrived at the ticketing counter, the worker said that there were only front seat left while another hall is full for 4 person to seat together. Initially, it was a bit sakit kepala la.. But i manage to fit myself by letting my back to be landed like im in sleeping position. I knew im sitting beside someone i don't know while wani's place has none. My intention to change position after a guys sitting beside me is changed already when there were speaking Korean  I think it sweet me and make me a bit like 'comel jugak diorang nih'.. Hahahaha.. So, overall the movie is just good.. Not like 5star movie, by me la... Sweet couple they are bella and handsome Edward  but i like jacob most. He is really protective man.. Yeah..

I just wake up early right subuh time and dream about my crush. It has been twice already.. Oh dear.. Smiling like hell.. Opss!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ex-Mfu sister visit

Last week, my family had trip to go to Bangkok to visit my aunt whom staying at malaysian embassy. So, i am very excited to take this chance to meet sisters from mae fah luang university muslim club. There are, kak sarinah, kak najmah, kak toyyibah, fatimah, and fatimah sister's named fatimoh who study in one of local university in bangkok city major in law study. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will, i meet them again after about 1 and half year not seeing each other after i left MFU finished my exchange student programmed that i used to stay about 4 month there. Kak sarinah and kak najmah now they are working in international hospital in bangkok that almost of the patient is Arabian. Kak najmah jow improve her arabic language as well after everyday faced and deal with the arabic person. Kak toyyibah also work there at chatuchak. But not at the chatuchak market as a saleswoman. She work as certified pharmacist as she has a degree on traditional Thai medicine. Well, fatimah is not finished yet his study. She is now doing job as a travel officer as she under intership before finish her study. So, this is some photo of us.. I miss you guys damn much na!! Hehe


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