Sunday, February 3, 2013

Labbaikallah hummalabbaik..

Assalamualaikum wbt...
moga sihat sejahtera teman-temanku yang setia menemani ruang blogger kecilku ini..

It may be less than 5 hours for me to start my journey to become a guess of Allah to baitilharamm Makkah.. Seriously i am so nervous.. Who ever had the experience will surely fell the same as i.. The feeling of appretiate to be part of the umrah program. on the same time how i wish to bleech out all mu sins that i have done in my life.. Astaghfirullahalazim..

Im going there with my parents and two of my ealder sister, kokna and ita.. There are actually 10 of us, including my maklong and her sister, kokna's husband, makcek(my dad's sister) with her husband and also kokna's husband. Alhamdulillah...

This year, the emigration of Saudi Arabia in malaysia has much restricted their policies to give a visa to do umrah.. The person who want to to umrah must have their Mahram to accompany with. Like before, they just give visa easily to Muslim/ah that approaching 45 years and above as long as they are joining a group. I dont actually sure why this things could be so serious as it caused my grandmother who uncle mother in law cannot get her visa to join us together.. His husband has already died and plus, her brith certificate has lost from hand as her age is approching 76 years old.. What to do, i believe there must be hikmah on everythings that we planned.. Allah know best..

Just now i have done praying solat sunat tasbih, hajat and tahjud.. Mom said that this 3 sunat prayer is important for a Muslim who want to perform their umrah to do before they move from their house (musaffir). The purpose of doing this to ask Allah's forgiveness to ease the process of our umrah.. InsyaaAllah..

Well, the date that i will going to Jeddah is at 6th of February 2013.. This wednesday.. Thank you for my friends that praying safe journey along my umrah.. I really appritiate it.. InsyaaAllah i wish to pray all the best for my friends, sisters and brothers from whole over the world.. May Allah bless us.. Semoga menjadi hambanya yang beriman dan Moga segala amalan kita diredhaiNya.. Amiin ya rabb..

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum and well hello there!

How are you my dear readers? i really hope we are in the bless of Allah for what ever we do these days. but really, sometimes we can get easily lost hope especially when we are not been 'remembered'.. so, please my dear, renew our imaan as the holder of the Love is always be there for us.. astaghfirullahalazim..

well, here... im the one writing now is still a person named asmeelya.. not others will replaced me.. even i had to admit that im not a good blogger and should been 'kicked' from the world of blogger.. what to do, that is me.. a writer that make a less post for the reader to be surprized..! LOL

today is 1st of february.. january had left us.. somehow, we have to continue our life as the time is running so fast leaving us.. now, im get online in my home.. no friends in my environment anymore.. just family.. lovely family.. talking about friend, i want to share here what is the friends really meaning for me..

*eye rolling up side down looking at screen while hear laptop speaker playing a song by maher zain- so soon*

friends, my eye is flushing tear drop running through my cheek... Alhamdulillah.. as now im 22 years old.. He gave me breath to spent my life in this 'test' phase before continue my journey to the transition station called barzakh.. Thank God, i meet a lot of people everyday.. and i really got a lot of friends of same average of my age..

frankly speaking, there are only people that i would call a true friends.. i believe that u guys also have your own definition of true friends.. but for me, true friends is the one that i really keep them in my heart.. when they are around, i wish she will stay with me forever by my side.. they understand me and they are the one that i comfort with.. sharing ideas, dreams and even sadness.. but God know best.. He doing test for us by separating our true friends so that we will value the friendship more and praise to Him who lend the love for us between us together..

"sometimes, we dont need to be attach forever because even a highest mountain can only be a legend in a distance of eye.."

It is true, not all that we want is good for us.. and Allah will always give His slave things that we need even though we thinks it is bad for us..

Life must go on.. to my beloved friends.. im wishing luck for us, for bright future under the bless of Allah.. Barakallahufeek.. u know i love you even i seldom show it because what im actually hate is the time that i will lose you and i have to let you go..  I believe Allah know and He will linked our heart together, to Jannah... REDHA


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ill wait you for a thousand years, even more.

Assalamualaikum and a very good time to you guys.

Last night was a movie time on twillight saga, breaking dawn part 2. It just a sudden decision been make about am hour before the show. Me, wani, mimi and fiqa going together around 9.30 to qb. When we arrived at the ticketing counter, the worker said that there were only front seat left while another hall is full for 4 person to seat together. Initially, it was a bit sakit kepala la.. But i manage to fit myself by letting my back to be landed like im in sleeping position. I knew im sitting beside someone i don't know while wani's place has none. My intention to change position after a guys sitting beside me is changed already when there were speaking Korean  I think it sweet me and make me a bit like 'comel jugak diorang nih'.. Hahahaha.. So, overall the movie is just good.. Not like 5star movie, by me la... Sweet couple they are bella and handsome Edward  but i like jacob most. He is really protective man.. Yeah..

I just wake up early right subuh time and dream about my crush. It has been twice already.. Oh dear.. Smiling like hell.. Opss!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ex-Mfu sister visit

Last week, my family had trip to go to Bangkok to visit my aunt whom staying at malaysian embassy. So, i am very excited to take this chance to meet sisters from mae fah luang university muslim club. There are, kak sarinah, kak najmah, kak toyyibah, fatimah, and fatimah sister's named fatimoh who study in one of local university in bangkok city major in law study. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will, i meet them again after about 1 and half year not seeing each other after i left MFU finished my exchange student programmed that i used to stay about 4 month there. Kak sarinah and kak najmah now they are working in international hospital in bangkok that almost of the patient is Arabian. Kak najmah jow improve her arabic language as well after everyday faced and deal with the arabic person. Kak toyyibah also work there at chatuchak. But not at the chatuchak market as a saleswoman. She work as certified pharmacist as she has a degree on traditional Thai medicine. Well, fatimah is not finished yet his study. She is now doing job as a travel officer as she under intership before finish her study. So, this is some photo of us.. I miss you guys damn much na!! Hehe

Monday, May 28, 2012

Annual Grand Dinner SUKSIS 2012

Assalamualaikum and well hello there..!

thx to Allah for givin me chance continue my mumbles here .. alhamdulillah....  ok, looking the title show amazing rite.. (buat2 la yer../  haha....last night is such amazing nite i has with my besties of SUKSISianzz.. know what, we organized and experienced last nite for a Grand Annual Dinner 2011/2012.. so, as well the theme of the Dinner is a must for us to take a highlighter to bold on rite..?.. for last nite the luckiest lovable theme is.... "Love is In the Air"..  fantastically my idea was selected in giving theme this time as i am the secretory of this Grand Dinner of SUKSIS project.. there are so many things we had done for whole year of two semester and i did happy and enjoy being part of this organization even not all la activity i joined... kerat badan 14 pon x mampu... XD
so, for u guys whom searching dinner them on Love In the air, u can have a look at this..! enjoy...~

Start dengan tunjuk background them lah.. sweet x..?
so this is me that night.. busy gurl n love photo candid~

Kesian yang tengah tu... Me, Shadai and Noni.. FYI, we allz are kembar hari lahir, cuma keluar dari perut mak lain2 jer..

Shot before the party begin formally.

With cik embun.. a.k.a Aeron Aziz

Who want this ballon..?? ill keep it for you in my stomach taw.. kembung suda..~
I really did a performance that i rather pegang mic n miming the song.. but Padiaq was awesome guitarist..!

Nice Blurry Pic with Shadai..

Again mcm kanak2 riang got playing with ballons..

This is the time when the announcement of the luckiest table..

Ok la nak tunjuk jugak tempat nak berucap..
The mc is pointing at the girls owner of this table number.. 
Muka2 hotstuff..!!
With Azim..

with Mc f The nite, Aizat whom pressure us to call him baby face that nite.. pfffhhh..

Gents of SUKSIS Intermediate

suaay maakk..!

Entrance Card

with Ain Sheifa, Msm. Onho

Me, Shu, Faizzah, Amirul, Padiaq, Shadia n Ezzati..

Cutez Noni

Mc Lagi.. kasi can la letak sini banyak2 sbb bising sngat semalam..

kikiki.. with Fadhil Marsani

Shadai the gurgurl

Monday, April 16, 2012

Full MIT Report...

  1. Introduction:
Four of us from Food Technology Second Year, School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia have been selected to go for a study abroad programme at Mae Fah Luang University (MFU), Thailand under the Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand (M-I-T) Pilot Project. We are here for a semester as an exchange student which the period from 6th Jun 2011 to 23 September 2011 during the semester breaks.
At Mae Fah Luang University, we took some courses which related to our field of study, Food Technology under School of Agro-Industry at MFU which are:
                                                               i.      1401281 Basic Technology of Food Product
                                                             ii.      1404351 Process Engineering
                                                           iii.      1408201 Principle of Packaging   
                                                           iv.      1005121 Thai Language Conversation in Daily Life
As we found out that we need to learn their language in order for us to adapt the environment there, as well as for extra knowledge too.
  1. Objective of Visit:
We go as an exchange student under the Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand (M-I-T) Pilot Project on Promoting Student Mobility to study in Food Technology at Mae Fah Luang University for a semester of the academic year 11/12.

  1. Cost Analysis (per person):
Flight ticket fee (two ways): 15,000 baht
Accommodation: dormitory fee 8000baht
Electricity bills: 1,000 baht
Living expense (food): 18,000 baht
Change Visa status: 2,000 baht 
Others expenses (books, notes, souvenirs, travel and etc.):  15,000 baht

Total: 59,000 baht

  1. Place of Visit: ( with picture)

Airports from LCCT to Bangkok to Chiang Rai
Our flight is from LCCT to Bangkok transit to Chiang Rai by using the air asia flight. We reached Chiang Rai at around 10pm, and we were welcomed by 3 of the buddies from MFU. They are the final year students there studying business in Chinese, so we are fortunately that two of our friends can actually communicates
The same path we taking it back home also, but instead of going to LCCT we go back to Penang from Bangkok International Airport, as our new semester in USM already started for two weeks. with them! Besides, they are the first Thai students we met after our arrivals too!

Mae Fah Luang University:

This is the host university that we studied in along the period of exchange program, which is build by the King’s Mother The university is so big and comfortable. We can just go to our class everyday from our international house dominotary by walking. If we would like to go out further other than classroom, we might be using the electronic vehicle to go out also, which is a type of environmental friendly vehicles that do not bring the pollutions.
At here, we also treated well by the international officers and also lecturers. Even the students here are very friendly too. Although we had faced the problem of communicating with one another but they do try their best to help us whenever we are in trouble. Besides that, we also get to meet the international students from China, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Cameroon, and so on. We learn each other culture, language, and most importantly we get to broaden our view out of Malaysia.    

Meeting with the President of MFU (14/6/2011)

Mock tail Party: A Night Among the Stars (6/7/2011) by the International Club

Open Event for Welcoming Freshmen Student (26 June 2011)
               School of Agro Industry Teacher Day Event (9 June 2011)
 Process Engineering Class with Thai students and Aj.Tony

City Tour 1 (2/7/2011):
On this day, we had been brought around the city in Chiang Rai, where our university is located. They bring us to the famous places in here, from the founder of Chiang Rai, the King Mengrai the Great Monument to the Golden Triangle, which we got the chance to travel three countries in a day: Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Besides that, Mae Sai is the big market that we can get a lot of cheap stuff here. Not forget to mention about the white temple that really amazed us, the Wat Rong Khun is really a great arts that being built. On that day, we also planted a tree in the university, as a wish that we do it for a greener environment, as well as we can leave a beautiful memory at here.

Every one of us plant a small tree as a memory we have study here and praying that our exchange program will go smoothly also. The international officer, P’Ngew also shows us our senior, Yi Shen and Catherine’s trees.

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)
The weather there is always windy and cloudy. Rain often but still the White Temple is so amazing.

King Mengrai the Great Monument

Our group photo with in front of the King Mengrai the Great Monument, with all the M-I-T participants, other exchange students and also master students from others countries.

Golden Triangle

Few of us steal a second to take a photo before we enter the ship to bring us to cross Laos and see Myanmar. We cross through the river to go to Laos border and take a lot of some free duty thing to buy. It is much cheaper here to compare to border of Thailand- Myanmar.

Hari Raya Celebration by Muslim Club (30 August 2011)

It was fortunate and lucky for us to get join this program during fasting month and Raya Day especially for Muslim student, Asmeelya and Wani. Here, there is no stated holiday for whole student to celebrate the day like Government in Malaysia do. So, as initiative we just make our own free lecture day on this day as Muslim Club MFU suggests us to do. Early in morning as well we pray Raya Aidilfitri sunat prayer that combined for about 50 Muslim students of Mae Fah Luang University. After that, they bring us to visit all Muslim house around Chiang Rai Area and get free local food for free..!  Later, we have to go back earlier to MFU to start Merdeka Day preparation for great Malaysian student special event organizing.   

54th Malaysia Independence Day (31/8/2011)
In MFU, P’Ngew suggested us from Malaysia to set up booth to show our culture, our people, and our stories to the students in MFU. As to introduce our beloved country to the Thai people, we agreed and tried very best to do it. Fortunately they like it and enjoy what we did. On the day of our 54th Independent Day, all of us wearing the Baju Kurung and make up our day to tell the others about Malaysia.

City Tour 2 (10/9/2011):
Before our exchange program ends, we had our last trip with all the M-I-T participants again. After the first city tour of white temple, this time we chose to go to the Black Temple, another famous temple build in Chiang Rai. Love it too the great art. We have been introduced for the Black and White Temple not long after we reached here. The stories that these two temples are actually build by the master and his teacher. Both had been built to such a big contrast, and yet both is so amazing!

Ban Dam (Black Temple)

The second destination of the day is Doi Tung, a project that runs by the Thai government of plantation. Beautiful scenery you can see here, we like it a lot here as a perfect place for us to relax and forget about all the tensions.

Doi Tung is a good place for us to take a lot of photos. The whole place is so beautiful that we don’t want to go out of this place. The green, the natural, is all the reason we love here, not only Doi Tung, but the whole Chiang Rai city!

Doi Tung (one of The Royal Project)

Opium Museum

Last destination of the day is The Opium Museum, another loyal project that runs by the government to educate people. In there, we are given the knowledge all about opium, the stories how it appears in the world, why people are taking it in the olden days, what make the King of Thailand make this museum to educate the people to avoid opium. All the pros and cons of opium show to us, left at the end for ourselves to think of our future. I can still remember vividly the exit is surrounded by the big mirrors, to give us a room to re-think and re-considerate all the things we have learn there.

Our Farewell Party by the International officer and also our lecturers from school of Agro-Industry. (22nd September 2011)

Last two day before four of us leave here, P’Ngew organized a farewell for us. Although we had been busy studying for the final examinations as they had been carried forward for us to take before we go back, we still enjoyed it, enjoyed our last moments with the lecturers, Ajan Oil, Ajan.Anne, Ajan Nut and P’Ngew.
We really appreciate their caring and love. Along this period of exchange to Mae Fah Luang University, they had been trying their best to help us, to introduce the places and the people to us. They have tried their best to deliver the knowledge to us too. Whenever we got doubt, they will explain to us in more details too. No doubt, they are strict to us even we are exchange students, but they do all the best for us, just like their children.
Not forget the other M-I-T participants, there are four from UPM, one from UiTM and three from Bogol University, Indonesia. We have been passing through the sweet and sour along these four months. These added pages again in part of my memories in my journey, and my life.

Farewell by En.Yusof in D1

The only halal food stall in D1, which often visit by us, we had a great moment eating the food there. On Wednesday, 21st of October, En. Yusof, the owner of the Halal food stall treat us for a big meal for us before we go back. Seriously we are missing foods there with cheaper with the price only 25Baht. Even though we can find similar type in Malaysia, but the treat and environment by people over there aren’t the same.

Bangkok: Short Transit. (24th September 2011)

Before going back to face our hectic University life again, we decided to have a short transit for about 2 days in Bangkok to enjoy our last holiday trip. Thanks to Asmeelya again, as this time we stayed at her aunt's house for that period. And guess what? We are staying at the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok, Thailand!

  1. Conclusion/ Summary from this program:

Along the period of exchange program at Mae Fah Luang University, we have been taken good care by the International Officer, Ms Chadaporn and also lecturers at here especially Dr. Phunsiri. They are always ready to give a helping hand whenever we are in trouble.
During the normal studies in lecture hall, we gain the knowledge in our field of study. Besides the lectures, we also learn a lot from the surrounding, the environment and also the people. We learnt to adapt in a new environment which is totally different with our current university especially the culture here which are based on Buddism is different than Malaysia. Besides learning their cultures, we also learn to cooperate with people from all walks of life.
Not forget to talk about the other MIT participants that are with us also 1 from University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), 4 from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and also 3 from Bogol University, Indonesia, we really had a good time here via the MIT program. 

This is my boy..!

Assalamualaikum a well hello there!

              last week was a very exhausted life ive been through. 1st of all, my university just started a holiday for midsem break. aha! this is the time for very glamorous student like me wana join all activity that counter on.. wallah..! so, sad that i have to choose to go to Medan, Indonesia rather than SUKSIS badminton tournament in SUTRA game. Last year during the same date i already won a GOLD medal for this tournament. sorry to say my english today was so bad and i just like to type what ever i like. and if you interest to correct me, well, just fell free to comment here.

             amazingly, rite after i arrived Penang International Airport on 10/April/2012. My father directedly send me to go to community service in Pantai Remis, Perak. There my friends and me were adopted by our beloved family and i found this boy..!

                  His name is Muhd Nashri.. The story behind this boy life very good to reflect ourselve to be thankful to Allah as we almost have everything we want in this world. This boy has no mother and his father was caught in front of him when his father try to sell a drug. he said that he almost know from A to Z the production and place to earn a drug but he dont want to jump into this crime as he just want to live in normal life like others. I was shocked and static at first. He just 14 years old. MasyaAllah.. ok, the rest is history...

so this is the song i like to dedicate to Budak Bertuah ni..

Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black – Ya Sudahlah
Ketika mimpimu yang begitu indah
Tak pernah terwujud ya sudahlah
Saat kau berlari mengejar anganmu
Dan tak pernah sampai ya sudahlah
Apapun yang terjadi
Ku ‘kan slalu ada untukmu
Janganlah kau bersedih
Cause everythings gonna be ok
Satu dari sekian kemungkinan
Kau jatuh tanpa ada harapan
Saat itu raga kupersembahkan
Bersama jiwa cita-cita dan harapan
Kita sambung satu persatu sebab akibat
Tapi tenanglah mata hati kita kan lihat
Menuntun ke arah mata angin bahagia
Kau dan aku tahu jalan selalu ada
Juga ku tahu lagi problema kan terus menerjang
Bagai deras ombak yang menabrak karang
Namun ku tahu ku tahu kau mampu tuk tetap tenang
Hadapi bersamaku hingga akhir datang
Saat kau berharap keramahan cinta
Tak pernah kau dapat ya sudahlah yeah
Dengar ku bernyanyi lalalalala heyeyeyeyeyayaya
Dedum dedudedadedudidam semua ini belum beakhir
Back to Reff:
Satu ‘kan langkah langkah yang beriring
Genggam hati rangkul emosi
Genggamlah hatiku satukan langkah kita
Sama rasa tanpa pamrih
Ini cinta across the sea
Peluklah diriku terbang bersamaku
Melayang jauhh.. woo..woo.. yeeahhh.. (come fly with me, baby)
Ini aku dari ujung rambut menyusur jemari
Sosok ini yg menerima kelemahan hati
Yea.. aku cinta kau.. ini cinta kita
Cukup satu waktu yes untuk satu cinta
Satu cinta ini akan tuntun jalanku
Rapatkan jiwamu yo tenang disisiku
Rebahkan rasamu untuk yg ditunggu
Bahagia hingga ujung waktu...


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