Monday, May 28, 2012

Annual Grand Dinner SUKSIS 2012

Assalamualaikum and well hello there..!

thx to Allah for givin me chance continue my mumbles here .. alhamdulillah....  ok, looking the title show amazing rite.. (buat2 la yer../  haha....last night is such amazing nite i has with my besties of SUKSISianzz.. know what, we organized and experienced last nite for a Grand Annual Dinner 2011/2012.. so, as well the theme of the Dinner is a must for us to take a highlighter to bold on rite..?.. for last nite the luckiest lovable theme is.... "Love is In the Air"..  fantastically my idea was selected in giving theme this time as i am the secretory of this Grand Dinner of SUKSIS project.. there are so many things we had done for whole year of two semester and i did happy and enjoy being part of this organization even not all la activity i joined... kerat badan 14 pon x mampu... XD
so, for u guys whom searching dinner them on Love In the air, u can have a look at this..! enjoy...~

Start dengan tunjuk background them lah.. sweet x..?
so this is me that night.. busy gurl n love photo candid~

Kesian yang tengah tu... Me, Shadai and Noni.. FYI, we allz are kembar hari lahir, cuma keluar dari perut mak lain2 jer..

Shot before the party begin formally.

With cik embun.. a.k.a Aeron Aziz

Who want this ballon..?? ill keep it for you in my stomach taw.. kembung suda..~
I really did a performance that i rather pegang mic n miming the song.. but Padiaq was awesome guitarist..!

Nice Blurry Pic with Shadai..

Again mcm kanak2 riang got playing with ballons..

This is the time when the announcement of the luckiest table..

Ok la nak tunjuk jugak tempat nak berucap..
The mc is pointing at the girls owner of this table number.. 
Muka2 hotstuff..!!
With Azim..

with Mc f The nite, Aizat whom pressure us to call him baby face that nite.. pfffhhh..

Gents of SUKSIS Intermediate

suaay maakk..!

Entrance Card

with Ain Sheifa, Msm. Onho

Me, Shu, Faizzah, Amirul, Padiaq, Shadia n Ezzati..

Cutez Noni

Mc Lagi.. kasi can la letak sini banyak2 sbb bising sngat semalam..

kikiki.. with Fadhil Marsani

Shadai the gurgurl

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