Sunday, February 3, 2013

Labbaikallah hummalabbaik..

Assalamualaikum wbt...
moga sihat sejahtera teman-temanku yang setia menemani ruang blogger kecilku ini..

It may be less than 5 hours for me to start my journey to become a guess of Allah to baitilharamm Makkah.. Seriously i am so nervous.. Who ever had the experience will surely fell the same as i.. The feeling of appretiate to be part of the umrah program. on the same time how i wish to bleech out all mu sins that i have done in my life.. Astaghfirullahalazim..

Im going there with my parents and two of my ealder sister, kokna and ita.. There are actually 10 of us, including my maklong and her sister, kokna's husband, makcek(my dad's sister) with her husband and also kokna's husband. Alhamdulillah...

This year, the emigration of Saudi Arabia in malaysia has much restricted their policies to give a visa to do umrah.. The person who want to to umrah must have their Mahram to accompany with. Like before, they just give visa easily to Muslim/ah that approaching 45 years and above as long as they are joining a group. I dont actually sure why this things could be so serious as it caused my grandmother who uncle mother in law cannot get her visa to join us together.. His husband has already died and plus, her brith certificate has lost from hand as her age is approching 76 years old.. What to do, i believe there must be hikmah on everythings that we planned.. Allah know best..

Just now i have done praying solat sunat tasbih, hajat and tahjud.. Mom said that this 3 sunat prayer is important for a Muslim who want to perform their umrah to do before they move from their house (musaffir). The purpose of doing this to ask Allah's forgiveness to ease the process of our umrah.. InsyaaAllah..

Well, the date that i will going to Jeddah is at 6th of February 2013.. This wednesday.. Thank you for my friends that praying safe journey along my umrah.. I really appritiate it.. InsyaaAllah i wish to pray all the best for my friends, sisters and brothers from whole over the world.. May Allah bless us.. Semoga menjadi hambanya yang beriman dan Moga segala amalan kita diredhaiNya.. Amiin ya rabb..

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Assalamualaikum and well hello there!

How are you my dear readers? i really hope we are in the bless of Allah for what ever we do these days. but really, sometimes we can get easily lost hope especially when we are not been 'remembered'.. so, please my dear, renew our imaan as the holder of the Love is always be there for us.. astaghfirullahalazim..

well, here... im the one writing now is still a person named asmeelya.. not others will replaced me.. even i had to admit that im not a good blogger and should been 'kicked' from the world of blogger.. what to do, that is me.. a writer that make a less post for the reader to be surprized..! LOL

today is 1st of february.. january had left us.. somehow, we have to continue our life as the time is running so fast leaving us.. now, im get online in my home.. no friends in my environment anymore.. just family.. lovely family.. talking about friend, i want to share here what is the friends really meaning for me..

*eye rolling up side down looking at screen while hear laptop speaker playing a song by maher zain- so soon*

friends, my eye is flushing tear drop running through my cheek... Alhamdulillah.. as now im 22 years old.. He gave me breath to spent my life in this 'test' phase before continue my journey to the transition station called barzakh.. Thank God, i meet a lot of people everyday.. and i really got a lot of friends of same average of my age..

frankly speaking, there are only people that i would call a true friends.. i believe that u guys also have your own definition of true friends.. but for me, true friends is the one that i really keep them in my heart.. when they are around, i wish she will stay with me forever by my side.. they understand me and they are the one that i comfort with.. sharing ideas, dreams and even sadness.. but God know best.. He doing test for us by separating our true friends so that we will value the friendship more and praise to Him who lend the love for us between us together..

"sometimes, we dont need to be attach forever because even a highest mountain can only be a legend in a distance of eye.."

It is true, not all that we want is good for us.. and Allah will always give His slave things that we need even though we thinks it is bad for us..

Life must go on.. to my beloved friends.. im wishing luck for us, for bright future under the bless of Allah.. Barakallahufeek.. u know i love you even i seldom show it because what im actually hate is the time that i will lose you and i have to let you go..  I believe Allah know and He will linked our heart together, to Jannah... REDHA



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