Tuesday, September 6, 2011

behind Ka'bah picture, there has one person..

       Assalamualaikum…apa khabar semua? Alhamdulillah dengan diberi keizinan oleh Allah s.wt. dapat juga saya menyambung kata bicara mengisi kekosongan ruangan blog kecil saya kali ini. Today I would like to talk more interest in something I think impress and rare subject to be pointed.  Scene of unfortunate event I though. 

       Yesterday (eid mubarak day = 1 Syawal), I went to Muslim club gathering room to finish my video making for Merdeka Day celebration purpose. Kak yaya asked me to go there because she might be not finish things I need her to settle up by translating the scrip from English version to Thai language if not being helped by ONE person. Im keep wondering who is that. Plus, to go to Muslim club room in Mae Fah Luang University is not my kind of my normal views because as an exchange student from Malaysia, seriously I’m quite awkward surrounded by Thai people even though they are Muslim because they frequently talk in Thai and I don’t understand  what they are chatting about.. Heee.. im kinda shy person actually...=_=…
       So, back to story, at that night there has not much Muslim student in the room. Only Imron (imam3) , Hakimah and kak yaya’s friend, a girl. So, in my though, maybe kak yaya asked imron to help her..haha..But things got different when another boy entering the room. Kak yaya didn’t introduce him to me as she did before if I meet someone new in front of her. It might be because it was not important to me to know him. First impression,  “hmm, mamat ni boleh tahan jugak, mesti alim sebab mcm serious ja bila sembang dgn kak yaya..pandangan pon jaga. nk tersentuh2 dgn girl apatah lagi, mmg tidak lah..”. He straightens his eye on kak yaya’s apple laptops and keeps focus. Continue his work preparing scrip for the project  of translating. He said that the grammar and pronunciation in Thai language playing high role in judging someone project…masyaAllah..How smart he is..  . So, he must be the one who kak yaya told before! Ha, gotcha! ..“Describing someone aren’t easy”… but truly he give big impact in my 1st impression about him. I nearly popping out my heart  when kak yaya told me that NITIKORN is not a Muslim. Haaa..kak yaya must be kidding me...! How can person who always say ‘masyaAllah’ in every new things he heard, beginning sound recording in video making with ‘Bismillah’, and praise Allah by saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ after done some works, IS NOT A MUSLIM indeed! Subhanallah…how great Allah plan. 

           Directly I remember the versus from the holy Quran saying that 
la iqro ha fiddin” meaning, 
there is no coercion in Islam'.. 

         In further meaning, it was not power of human to giving guidance to convert someone to Islam, it was Allah know. Guidance of God is everywhere around us, he is never far away unless we are far from it. Guidance not only through the heart, but through all our senses. Feel it ... there has story behind something like this. The uncle of our great prophet, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w who had gave 100% his effort in rising the empire of Islam even though he is the one who not an Islam follower. At the end, he did’nt say the kalimah (syahadah) to save his own nephew from being treat by the musyrikin Makkah during that time. The rest is history. Some Hadith saying that Abi Thalib is a muslim but some Hadith deny it. But nobody must not say something bad to him because he is the person that Prophet Muhammad loves most. “melukakan hati insane yang Rasullah saying bererti melukakan peresaan baginda, jika terluka perasaannya samalah juga berdosa kepada Allah kerana Muhammad itu kekasih Allah..”
That night, after burning some midnight oil, I found myself drawing round black panda eyes to finish the video. Same goes to kak yaya and korn. But the most I appritiate is, while finished the movies (ending credits) I do asked kak yaya what is the real name of nitikorn. Then kak yaya told me to ask myself because before this the boy always refuses to credit himself in any deed he made. I felt it was truly wrong. For me, the rule for making a video, we must put our name at the end of our works..so that everyone who watching our video will recognized who is the person behind the scene. Plus there are need for us to sure that nobody is copying our works before asking our permission!  (how greedy we are). But, things got different. He do noddle in any words I said. he trying to explain how he felt that time. Blinked his eyes,  right and left to find some idea of an objection. At last he pointing us to one picture that very famous for us to see..THE KA’ABAH.. he said in Thai version but I imaginably to translate it myself with some motion acted by him, “yaya, this is the picture of ka’baah. There are thousand even million of Muslim praying for the One (ALLAH) and there are contributing the beautiful picture that we see now. I want to be one of them. Even too small to see, but it make complete of this picture we and the world are looking at.”  

MasyaAllah….(I nearly fainted, speechless for someone who know the meaning of humble and honest doing works only for Allah knows, IKHLAS) Then I said, “don’t be too serious, just put the name to end the movie..simple jer”  kak yaya asked me to asked himself. Then he do told me his real name with real pronounsation. “my name is nitikorn. Just like “qorn” in the words of “Furqon” (one of holy Quran name)…” haaa…subhanallah…he even applying Islam more than me.. *blushed* . I put his name in movie maker text editing. He realized it. Directly he said to kak yaya. “yaya, if my name was jotted in this video, I will not apologies you. Do you want to be munafik? And the only one place for munafik is in the Jahannam (hell)..” na’uzubillah… continuously, I let my hand delete off his name. That’s the right on his words. No doubt.

Sound by Kak Yaya and Nitikorn...


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