Thursday, March 1, 2012

Helping Thai friends to talk about Malaysia..

 1.         Assalamualaikum, this is just part of riview from my friends question that she need me to ask. so, i just share it here lah.. hihihi     

                                     My name is Noor Asmeelya Ishak. I am Malaysian and also Malay-Muslim. I live in Penang which is located on the North of Malaysia. Now, im study Food Technology in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. Here, I like the most is the cuisine served in my country. In my state, Penang, I can get all type of food from many countries such as Arab, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Western. That is why we recently call Penang as a ‘food heaven’. During my child until now, my mum always cook village style of dishes such as Fish Curry, Rendang Tok (a dried spicy meat) Nasi Lemak and many more.
                      Just last year, I got opportunity by M-I-T program under government to government to study in Thailand which in Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai. It’s a very awesome to become part of the university student. I like the most is the beautiful scenery there and the people are very kind and polite. Honestly I never see people who like to smile the most time to people around like I see in Thailand. My friends there are very helpful when I get lost with different country language that Thailand use. Thai have many parts of region, for food purpose, like the most is restaurant that offer southern Thai cuisine because it fit my taste as it is a bit spicy and sour indeed. In northern place I noticed that the food is much sweet then others.
2.       In my opinion, Malaysia is a good and harmony country. We have many races that mix one another. The most majority races are Malay, Chinese, and Indians. This mix was due to the agreements before we got independence from Britain. We promise to ourselves that we have to maintain this good relationship for the sake of our country. Economy in Malaysia was extremely developed during the 4th prime minister leadership which is Tun DR.Mahathir Mohamad. He was the pioneer of all development in my country that continuous until now. Here, we also have many places to visit for tourist companionship. Beautiful beach, natural rainforest, skyscrapers and many more. We hope the freedom that we gain will long lasting ever after.

                                      Ok, here i would share my experience when my first come to Thai. Its quite nerves for me to go and study to your country in this exchange student program. More worst when there are bad rumors by media about chaos that spread among us. I dont know what are actually happened but somehow i got to prepare for the worst. Suddenly, thing got different when my first day come to Thailand especially in Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai for education purpose. For me, Thailand is truely LAND OF SMILE. Yeah, everywhere people are helping each other...smiling like we are not foreign to them. The culture are so unique by combination of Lanna, Pattani , and many others. The people are too kind even there are some miscommunications among us because there are lacks in ability to apply English language In their daily life. My friend in Muslim Club MFU got help me a lots. Fortunately, some of them can speak Malay and became good translator for me. We got travel on many place near chiang rai and Chiang Mai. The scenery is most beautiful I had ever seen. The fresh air keep remind me how value the Mother Nature are. Last but not least, i like Thailand very much and how i hope to visit my 'sibling' over there.... Thank you very much for giving me opportunity to live there for 4 month.
                                                First of all, the main important thing for us to bring out the peace and harmony to happen in ASEAN is a good diplomatic among each country with another. For me politics must be highlight as the number one Principe to maintain and improvise instead of economics and legation. This can be done by a good Leader of each country. In this purpose, everything can be smoothly approaches by every people. 

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