Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Love - Arashi

One Love
(music: Yusuke Kato - lyrics: youth case)

I want to tell you something but I can't say it, we who overcome the season
where sometimes we shared tears without being able to be honest, now we are sparkling so much

The shapes of happiness each of us painted overlapping
have become now a big love
let's live together forever

Even a hundred years from now, I swear my love, you're my everything
I believe, I just believe, to the person who shares a common time with me
Every kind of you, and every kind of me, each of them are precious
if you are with me I don't need anything else, because we'll surely be happy

I was waiting for you in the rain, without even knowing the meaning of kindness
the night when missing each other we've been hurt, but we still arrived here

Our irreplaceable encounter is connecting to a miracle
our memories overlap
ant the song of the beginning resounds

To the friends who supported us in every moment, who smiled and cried with us
the only word I can say them, from the bottom of my heart, is "thank you"

Even a hundred years from now, I swear my love, you're my everything
I love you, I just love you, let's promise a common future
the only one person I chose in this world it's you
if I'm with you, no matter what kind of future is waiting for me, because we'll always shine

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